WWCD Mentorship Program- Consolidated Report

Week 2–4: To discuss various internships, scholarships, and open source opportunities with their mentors.

This week was all about opportunities and how to approach and tackle them.

We talked about a wide range of applications that we can fill right now or in the future. Which included- WTM scholarship, Women in Analytics, WE Sprint scholarship etc, Codess by Microsoft and GHC’20.

Apart from the above scholarship opportunities we also discussed about the Open Source Opportunities like RGSoC, Outreachy and GSoC.

The key take away from the above discussion was the importance of contribution period and how important it is to create a mark on the organisation and/or mentors you are contributing for.

All the applications should have a personal touch to it.

The answers should not be vague and generic.

The tasks given to us were:

  1. Filling out applications for the above mentioned programs.
  2. Looking into the applications for the Open source programs.
  3. Getting our profiles checked and collecting feedback.
  4. Creating an Air-Pollution-Classifier.

We even talked about the difference between Research Internships and Industry central internships.

Our talk probably took turns to discuss about SOPs, foreign opportunities for internships and higher studies as well. Brihi also told us what hurdles she faced and how she tackled them. She gave us tips on how we can write our essay answers and the importance of getting them reviewed.

Week 5- Creating an Online Presence

We basically wrapped up the whole program in this call. We talked about the holistic meaning of women in tech, the challenges we faced and key take aways for us from this program.

Brihi also emphasised on the importance of having a twitter account and how sometimes it can even land us an internship!

We talked about improving our LinkedIn profiles, creating a Git website for ourselves, maintaining our Github profile etc. We even discussed on how to go about building our CV.

We picked up from where we left our last talks, talked some more about RGSoC and opportunities, our applications’ status etc.


All us mentees in our small batch learnt a lot from Brihi. She went out of her way and shared all her wisdom she had collected over years and even shared her little secret tips 😜.

I am grateful to WWCD and Brihi for their time and efforts to pull out such a helpful program for us fellow women:)



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Akanksha Tanwar

Akanksha Tanwar

I consider myself an amateur in the field of Computer Science, trying to explore its different routes.