Google Women Techmakers Scholarship: Essay Questions

STEP 1: Ideate, Think💡

Open your mind!

STEP 2: Draft Soon📝

I know you probably want to perfect your answer, and want absolutely no error while writing your answers for the first time, which is ultimately leading to a lot of procrastination.

STEP 3: Support System❤️


STEP 4: Connect Early🤝

The process of getting your application reviewed can be hectic.

STEP 5: Cherry on Top!🍒

Cherries on your application!


  1. Stick to the word limit: It is required of you to stick to the word limit exactly. Do not try to sneak in an extra paragraph or two because it directly results in information overload and does not leave a good impression on the reviewer.
  2. Clean, Simple: Make sure your application is easy to read, doesn’t have any twisted words or hard to comprehend statements. You have to be very direct and play smart with your in-hand word limit.
  3. Avoid Filler Phrases: Completely strike-off redundant achievements, claims or anything which isn’t necessary. Every line in your essay should complement the lines around it. Every statement that you type should have an important role to play. Your answer should feel incomplete without the lines you choose to keep, this is how you prioritise to keep some things in your application over the others.



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Akanksha Tanwar

Akanksha Tanwar

I consider myself an amateur in the field of Computer Science, trying to explore its different routes.